Juicer is the most trending and widely used household machine throughout the world. Taking care of your health is not a bad idea but off course not as easy as it looks like. It requires lot of efforts. Drinking healthy blends of both fruits and vegetables is so much popular these days. People extract juices from fruits and vegetables to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Juices are directly related to health. It contains lots of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. The benefits of juices are just countless. So technically juicer plays a vital role in maintaining good health.

Now let’s jump to the cold press juicer. Well cold press juicer are the most common used juicers especially for kitchen purpose. Its very easy to use. All you need is just an electricity connection (off course fruits or vegetables). These types of juicers come with low speed usually range from 110 RPM (revolution per minute). They are absolutely ideal for juicing. Here is the reason why? Its soft produce feature squeezes the fruits into pulpy juicy form and separates the fruit from its skin. The process of filtration done in a separate section. If you are fond of fresh juice and don’t like nutty drinks plus you are health-conscious person then this is the best option. Just go for it

Here comes the next category the centrifugal juicer. This kind of juicer available in affordable prices. The mechanism of centrifugal juicer is very simple. The speed of this juicer is a lot more than cold press juicer(1300-6500 RPM). The blades are used in the juicer to crash down the fruits. The process involves heat, and this is the reason the drink loss all the enzymes and nutrients. It blends and break down the food perfectly, but it is not ideal for leafy vegetables.

Either its cold press juicer or centrifugal juicer both have some pros and cons. If we talk about pros of cold press juicers then off course the health point of view comes first. Although Health is Wealth. The cold press juicers are comparatively costly and now you know the reason. I won’t list this price thing as a con. If its expensive than centrifugal juicer then it is worth it.

Let’s highlight some of the centrifugal juicer benefits. Well if you are looking to prepare some mix fruit drink then this juicer is perfect for you. But yes, keep this in mind that you are not having a pure healthy drink. They are cheaper as compare to the cold press juicer. Let’s make it short for you if you just want a tasty juice without caring about the lost vitamins and you are not in mood to spend much then this so way too perfect. Go grab it now.

You just cannot deny the importance of juices and its impact on your health. It is a pure source of vitamins full nutritional values. It also plays a significant role in losing weight so if you want to be slim and smart then do make juice a part of your diet. So, it’s very important to buy a good quality juicer.