Usage of massage chairs during pregnancy- Safe or not?

Massage chairs are very helpful to relieve you from pain or body stress. It is so relaxing to sit on a massage chair after a long hectic day and take a soft massage. Who is needier to sit on it and relax than a pregnant woman. But a question arises here is the massage chairs are safe for a pregnant lady or not?

Can massage chair be used in pregnancy?

In past days, the use of massage chair was not recommended in pregnancy but now pregnant women are using massage chair frequently. No other thing or therapy can match the level of relaxation which a best massage chair can give. There are many benefits of massage chair for pregnant ladies

  • A pregnant lady can use a massage chair to soothe the leg and back pain. A massage circulates blood very effectively and it helps to provide comfort from the leg and neck pain.
  • A massage can be given through the rollers of the massage chair. These rollers can be adjusted to massage any specific points according to your need. So in pregnancy, you can take massage for relaxation.
  • The vibrations occur while massaging are not considered as harmful in pregnancy.
  • The use of massage chair lowers the blood pressure which is very good in pregnancy.

In which situations, the use of massage chairs should be avoided

Massage chairs are usually considered as safe in pregnancy but pregnancy is a period in which many hormonal changes occur. There are many circumstances and medical conditions in which the use of a massage chair should be avoided.

  • You should avoid massage chair if you suffer from a headache.
  • If you had to face the early delivery or miscarriage in the past then it is not safe for you to use a massage chair.
  • You should not use massage chair if the doctor tells you a high-risk pregnancy.
  • If you are over-weight and don’t fit the massage chair so, you should avoid to use it.
  • If you are facing too much swelling then massage chair should be avoided in pregnancy.

You should remember some points while using the massage chair in pregnancy

The massage chair is very advantageous in pregnancy in some cases but you should remember some points.

  • The use of massage chair is not recommended in the first three months because these are very sensitive time and having more chances of miscarriage.
  • You should limit your time from 15 to 20 minutes on the massage chair.
  • You should avoid massage chair in the last three months in the case if you are not fit in it.


Most of the studies show that generally, the use of the massage chair is not harmful to pregnant ladies. We tried to give you as much information as we can but one thing you should keep in mind that it is preferred to be discussed everything with your doctor. You should take a massage through a massage chair if your doctor feels it beneficial for you.